“Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.”

– Daniel 1:12-13 (NIV)

Today’s commentary
by Dave Whitehead, Senior Pastor, GraceNYC.org

Daniel modeled the fine line of being in the world but not of it. He was being trained in the values of the very nation that probably killed his parents and kidnapped him from his Jewish heritage. Daniel excelled in his Babylonian training, yet he knew where to make his stand. When faced with meat that was sacrificed to idols, Daniel asked for his foreman to judge between the ways of Babylon and the ways of Jehovah. How about us? Are we able to discern the battles that will make an impact from the battles that will waste our time?

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